The initial idea of transforming this rocky place included the design and construction of a residential complex and a hotel with stone facades. The whole settlement was built in the style of old Mediterranean cities, simple and functional, with the central part of the sea shore dominated by the first in a series of hotels, The Chedi Luštica Bay. The hotel with the entire settlement is crowned with five stars. An airport is situated at the far side of the hotel, in the immediate vicinity of Tivat, while the main marina lies in front of the hotel where boats up to 35m can drop their anchor. The moving of the rocks took place not only in the metaphor, but in reality as well, when they were cleared from their original place to make way for a golf course, and relocated to the main marina’s breakwaters which, like two big arms, are protecting the boats.

The hotel’s design is a mixture of elegance and modernity and blends perfectly with its magnificent and wild natural setting, and rich heritage of the Bay of Kotor. The prevailing colour of the main hall is turquoise green which is also the dominant colour of the entire interior decoration, reflecting the colour of the Adriatic Sea, the rocky seabed and the coastline. Complemented by the shades of light grey and white and dappled with shadows producing new shades of grey, the principal turquoise colour is a refreshing sight against stone, such as a pool in front of a villa, or the sea surrounded by rocks. The atmosphere created by this colour play invites you to unwind from everyday life and get away from the usual hustle and bustle.

From its colours, through the perfect interior decoration to its spa centre and various outdoor activities, the hotel guides its guests to achieve this goal.

Helping its guests to relax and enjoy the hotel’s facilities and its surroundings is also the main goal of The Chedi Hotel. The hotel’s main restaurant offers a variety of fresh dishes from the traditional Montenegrin cuisine, using special condimentsto make them a bit different and adjusted to modern gastronomers. With impeccably set tables in a perfect ambiance with minimalistic design, the sea view just adds to this enjoyable experience. In addition to the main restaurant, the guest may also use the services of The Spot restaurant located at the central marina. In its colourful setting, the restaurant offers meals inspired by the Eastern cuisine, various salads and finger food.

Although the hotel’s interior boast many eye-catching details, it is its chandeliers, lamps and decorative lighting that draw a special attention. As you walk through the lobby, restaurant, room or the conference floor, admiring each new chandelier, your attention is quickly captured by some wall lamp, a little work of artmade of wood, glass or brass.

Those looking to achieve balance and wellness of the mind and body, may find their peace in the hotel’s SPA centre. Wood or stones, warm or cold, as the guest desires. And for those who cannot do without the salt on their skin, the hotel offers a private beach just a stone’s throw away from the hotel.

The Chedi Luštica Bay hotel had its opening in August 2018. The ceremony was glamorous and elegant with a spectacular firework announcing its glittering future. The hotel has 100 rooms, 10 apartments and one penthouse and welcomes guests looking for peace and beauty.