A true jewel for your interior

Van Perckens® embodies the concept of pure luxury, and is recognized by its inimitable, fresh design. Boundaries in terms of design and production fade away; what counts is that the designers select only the most unusual materials, and that craftsmen execute the designs to the very last detail. Each item radiates the passion with which it was created and crafted. This, combined with the design’s originality, ensures you that each item bearing the Van Perckens® signature is truly a collectors item.

The Van Perckens® designer collective not only distinguishes itself with its singular design, but also with its exclusive choice of materials. Our selection of materials includes precious solid metals, either solid, a choice of rare and exotic wood, crystal, and a collection of other, highly valuable resources. Precious stones can be integrated into our designs upon your personal request.

Van Perckens® offers its services to both private individuals and the business-to-business market. Existing designs can be exclusively tailored to individual requests without compromising the design’s uniqueness. In this way the customer’s personal signature can add a valuable, long-lasting impression to the Van Perckens® Personalized Projects, and we can ensure a seamless fit with, for example, your corporate identity. At each step we of course ensure that quality has the utmost priority.

Your unique Van Perckens© Nr. 8 cooler is personally delivered in a Rosewood case enhanced with gilded details. The case's interior is tastefully lined.

The prestigious Van Perckens® collection comprises a diverse range of products that add a distinct highlight to life. Specially created for those who enjoy the finesse and distinction of the highest available quality, and for those who choose to substantiate their business relationships or contracts with an extraordinary sense of style. Van Perckens® offers you the opportunities to realize your vision.

The sliding drawer holds the Van Perckens© champagne goblets and a pair of tailored, signature black gloves. All materials are hand crafted with the greatest attention to detail - a true jewel for your interior.